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The Orff Echo (contents page only) This is the journal of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association. It chronicles the vital research and dissemination of ideas pertaining to Orff Schulwerk.
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---The Orff Echo Index 1968 to present
---The Orff Echo International Scrapbook (Word doc.) (pdf)
---Traslacion Espanol "Teaching diverse cultures in the inner city" by Debbie Headley, translated
------byCelia Vela, from the Fall 2006 issue of the Echo. (Word) (pdf)
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Reverberations AOSA members catch up on the people in the organization, local chapter workshops and other news about the Orff Schulwerk community in the pages of this members-only newsletter. Reverberations is the quarterly newsletter sent to AOSA members as a part of their membership benefits. Each issue contains current information for members, news about various chapter activities and lesson plans. The spring and summer issues also contain extended information about the next conference.

Reverberations Online
New! Reverberations Supplement Online (Winter 2007) (pdf)
Reverberations Supplement Online (Fall 2007) (pdf)

Isabel McNeill Carley Library/AOSA archives
One-of-a-kind research materials, letters, and the archives of AOSA comprise the Isabel McNeil Carley
Library, housed at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York.

Orff Research Webliography
Online, interactive bibliography hosted by the University of Kentucky. To access the hundreds of entries, full instructions of how to use the webliography, or how to make submissions to it, click the link above.

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For nearly three decades, AOSA has been publishing books, recording videos and creating other materials to help teachers, researchers, therapists and others interested in the Orff approach. For a complete list of items, and to order, use this secured e-commerce area.

Audio Visual Library (pdf)
Hundreds of professionally produced, informational videos, including conference sessions demonstrating
the Orff approach, as well as interviews with influential members of the AOSA community, are listed and are available for loan by completing the form.
You will need to contact AOSA Headquarters to borrow a video once you have chosen it. Please note that all videos since 2000 are available on DVD.

The Orff Echo, back issues (pdf)
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WINNING WAY VIDEO To see Orff Schulwerk in action in the classroom setting, and to hear first-person accounts of why the Orff approach is such a remarkable and valuable tool for the classroom music teacher, take a few minutes to watch this short version of the video now.