Logic Pro 9 for Mac OS

Logic Pro 9 is one part of the updated Logic Studio.

In the new edition of Logic Pro fundamental capability remain similar. You can enjoy a potential 255 audio tracks, 255 software instrument tracks and 99 external MIDI tracks. These are complement by over 70 effects plug-ins, a bundle of soft synths and over 4500 presets.

Logic Pro 9

There are quite much of other features that make Logic an attractive option. If you're after extra processing power, you can combine networked Macs to share the load. For interfacing, there's solid ReWire execution, and if you plan to transfer songs to another platform, there's XML, OMF and AAF support. Recording, editing and mixing in surround is also totally supported.

Effects at Logic Pro 9

There is one visually impressive addition - "Amp Designer" plug-in. Although Logic already had the basic "Bass Amp" and "Guitar Amp Pro" effects. Amp Designer is more like IK's AmpliTube or NI's Guitar Rig, offering 25 amps, 25 cabinets and three mics.

The element can be mixed and harmonized, and the mic position adjusted, and over 200 presets categorized by amp type and style are integrated.

Stomp effects are implemented in a separate plug-in called Pedalboard. This features 30 pedals of various types:

  • distortion
  • delay
  • modulation
  • filter

Together "Amp Designer" and "Pedalboard" are graphic-rich designs, so even though there are no endorsed emulations, the styling make it clear that classic from Fender, Marshall, Vox and Mesa are among those that have been emulated.

Audio into MIDI

The "Drum Replacer" and "Convert To New Sampler" track feature together analyse audio transients and produce a MIDI output.

Assume you have a multi-channel drum performance and the snare sound doesn't cut it. Highlight the trap track and select the Drum Replacement or Doubler option from the track menu, this will evaluate the audio and open a small setting window.

Convert To New Sampler Track

At this juncture, you select "Snare" from the available drum type and also the threshold for the triggering. The passing markers will appear on the region and a newly generate MIDI part complete with EXS24 instrument will open on a track further down. It even opens the correct section of the library in the browser, so you can pick a sound.

Convert To New Sampler Track is a similar concept. If you have a loop that you want to split into slices, triggering each as a sample, highlight the audio region and select Convert To New Sampler Track from the right-click menu. Select Transient Markers and you'll get a fresh EXS24 and MIDI part on the track farther down, complete with your loop, split at transient points and mapped across many MIDI notes.

For users which just starting out, the real attraction is that Logic Pro 9 includes everything you need to create good music.