Ryan Miskimmin DJ

Style: Bangin' House / Uplifting & Hard Trance

At the tender age of 18 Ryan is already at the top of his game. Ryan has already DJ’ed at some of Northern Ireland’s premier club nights and venues. These include TheBoomBoomRoom in Bangor & Thompson’s Garage, which is located in Belfast. Ryan has been described by many as being a “Multi-Talented DJ.” DJ Ryan Miskimmin does not just spin his tunes around one style. He plays anything from funky house – American house, from Melodic Trance – Techo, all of which gives DJ Ryan Miskimmin the edge over other DJ’s within Northern Ireland. Influential DJs to Ryan Miskimmin include, DJ Tiesto, Judge Jules & Ferry Corsten.

Ryan has DJ'ed alongside some of the businesses best DJs. Just recently he did a 2 hour warm up for Paul Masterson (Aka Yomanda/Sushi/Hi-Gate), Ryan explains, "I had a 2 hour warm up for Paul in December, which was absolutly fantastic, I now know why Paul is known as "the nicest man in the business" because he is so down to earth, again it was great to DJ with such a talent."

Ryan's hard work, persistance and sheer musical ability has secured his spot as one of Deviant's Resident DJs. This is a huge morale boost for the young DJ who, by what we can see, is the most naturally talented DJ & musician to be rising up the UK Charts. He explains "Deviant have been so generous to me with all their continued support. They have never doubted me and I thank them for that. I have just only recently accepted a deal from Deviant to become one of their Resident DJs. Its great being offered something like this by such a reputable company because you know that all the hard work and effort you have put into something has finally paid off"

Not only does Ryan DJ but he is also a producer of quality music. Again just like for his DJ’ing, Ryan does not stick to one style. Ryan has produced some outstanding funky house tunes along with some hands in the air style trance. Influential producers for Ryan are, M.I.K.E., Tiesto & Ferry Corsten. For his productions Ryan usually goes under the name DV, but depending on the style of the tune the artists name can vary. DJ Ryan Miskimmin has produced around 12 tracks so far, of which, most of them are described by Ryan as, “Throbbing, Pumping and Atmospheric!”

Ryan is always constantly working on new tracks. His first single, "Hydro" which you can listen to a sample by clicking here, has still not been picked up by a UK label but has been featured on German Dance CDs. Also DJ Ryan Miskimmin has been remixing work for various producers from all over the UK. “I have a just completed a remix of Delerium - After All, under my DV guise. You can listen to it by clicking here

Ryan goes onto explain what his targets are for the year ahead, "This year I really want to see Deviant DJs grow even bigger than they are at the minute. I would love to see them branch out into the rest of the UK, to be a part of something from the beginning is amazing. I think its only a matter of time before everyone realises what Deviant DJs can do. They are Northern Irelands best promoters and easily challenge the likes of Kellys, Shine, The Coach etc. in my opinion."

DJ Ryan Miskimmin has an extremely bright future ahead of him in the music industry as both a DJ and a producer.