Gibson A.J. DJ

Style: Tough, Uplifting, Euphoric Trance

A.J. Gibson has been an integral part of the U.K. club scene for nearly 8 years. With his residency @ Godskitchen his talent have been proven time and time again to thousands of clubbers every week along side the biggest names in the industry. As the number 1 Godskitchen resident A.J. has played every major continent (except the cold one!) on numerous occasions. But what happens when A.J. isn't travelling the world as the Godskitchen resident?

Most people only associate him with this residency, but those in the know recognise that he is one of the busiest dj's on the circuit. With 5 other residencies to honour including, Freedom @ Bagleys (London), Frisky @Legends (Northampton), Oxygen @Studio 24 (Edinburgh), Goodbye Cruel World @ Mosquito Coast (Leicester) and Tramps (Tenerife) during the summer you start to get an idea how in demand he is.

His combination of uplifting, euphoric trance and harder edged, chunky, progressive house captivate audiences compelling them to jump around, scream and shout; bringing them together as one in their love love of music. Whether it's in front of 10 or 10,000 people, promoters know that A.J. Gibson always delivers the goods.

His numerous guest appearances have taken him to some of the best clubs in the country. Amongst numerous others; Hotdog (Derby), Fully Charged (Hull), The Met (Armagh), Access (Dundee), Peach (Liverpool) Crazy Daisys (Rugby) and ROAR (Cardiff) have been frequently rocked to the core by Mr Gibson. And Its not only weekends that A.J. works, playing 6 or 7 seven times a week, at student events and university tours all over the country, he is a firm believer in taking his music to those that wouldn't normally get the opportunity to hear him.

When he does get 5 minutes to himself A.J. keeps busy in the studio working on all manner of re-mixes and original productions. His latest offerings A.J. Gibson Presents Ghosts "I always loved you" "ATCR" and Gibson and Seasy "Delmoleo" "Firetrax" have received huge attention from the first pressing giving him the encouragement he needed to put his heart and soul into what he's making. In light of this added inspiration A.J. has become instrumental in the founding of Dacoda Recordings alongside Rob "Rockafella" Wilder. Able to release exactly what he wants it won't be long before he's made it big.

.J's driving force is his insatiable desire to entertain. The buzz he gets from playing 2 or 3 venues a night keeps him on cloud 9. Ready for the next night, wherever that may take him! How does he do it? an insane personality, a genuine belief in what he's doing and a damn good driver!